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> Announcements > GATE01 down for maintenance 20-27th Feb.  

Announcements: GATE01 down for maintenance 20-27th Feb.


GATE01 down for maintenance 20-27th Feb. 


Next week we plan to have a system maintenance on one of our machines. This will mean that the following servers will go offline all of next week:

* TSSRV01 ( 4051) * Hogiasrv01 * QVSRV03 * NAV09SRV01 * AGRESSO55SRV02 * AGRESSO55SRV03 * AX09SRV01

TSSRV01 will be offline so in order to use our remote desktop environment, please use TSSRV02 (address: or TSSRV03 (address: to login. The same username and password applies for them.

For questions and support. Please contact and as usual plan your education from the calendar Resource Utilization on our sharepoint.

with best regards

Sante Academy support


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