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> Announcements > New Hogia VPC available: Hogia Symfoni 2012  

Announcements: New Hogia VPC available: Hogia Symfoni 2012


New Hogia VPC available: Hogia Symfoni 2012 


For our more advanced users. A new Hogia VPC has been added to the list in VPCs and Remote Connections.
Please refer to the section Virtual PCs in the manual Accessing SANTE Academy for information on how to download and use a VPC.
The name of the download link is "Hogia Symfoni 2012".
The vpc consists of the following programs:
Hogia Analys 2012.1.0
Hogia Audit med Bokslut 2012.1
Hogia Skatt tax 2012.3
Hogia Transaktionsanalys Proffs 2012.1.0
Hogia Ekonomi 2011.3
Hogia Economy have been installed with the following BAS companies:
Aktiebolag BAS 2011
Aktiebolag BAS 2011 Engelsk
Handelsbolag BAS 2011
Enskild Firma BAS 2011
Enskild Firma Förenklat Bokslut BAS 2011
Mini BAS 2011
Please use the VPC with care and do not distribute it outside of your academic environment.


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